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Middle school Thoughts

Hey everyone welcome back To Da Normal Blog, today I’m going to talk about my middle school thoughts.  Pretty much I’m gonna give you the pros and cons.


Pros: More food choices

I get to choose my own pathway

I’m  not goth

I’m not gay…

I have many friends


Cons: The food is bad

there are too many goth kids

There are random 7th graders throwing forks at me and my friends at lunch

7th grade


changing in the locker room

chrome books


pencils disappearing magically

walking into a silent class

vibing in a silent class

Kids looking at you while there daydreaming

Kids flexing their new iPhone 12+ pro max when your parents won’t give you a phone in the first place


That’s pretty much some of my thoughts on middle school. If you want me to make more blog posts like this make sure to comment below on what I should write about.


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