Top ten Christmas things

Hey everyone welcome back to Da Normal blog. In the post im gonna tell you about the top ten Christmas things… in my opinion.


    1. Jingle Bells is the best song

2. Best holiday treat is Hot chocolate

3. The best movie is Christmas with the Kranks

4. The best holiday gift is whatever you want


5.  Best Christmas activity is snow boarding

6. Best holiday christmas service is shoveling snow for the elderly


8. best gift to give to someone this year

9. Fun fact Christmas is not celebrated by all people


10. Best memory of Christmas

my best Christmas memory is when I went off a jump with a tube and did 2 backflips and landed on my head. Strange favorite memory I guess.

That’s it!




Guest Blog Beau Featherston

Hey I am Beau and I am guest blogging for Tony, Tony told me that he writes about computers so that is what I am going to talk about today Let’s go. So first off I don’t really know computers that much but I do know about graphic cards. So first off graphic cards hence the name make the graphics look better. It will make your game look better with 60 hertz or 120. Raytracing or anything else. Now, why should you spend money to get a graphics card? Now I think it’s pretty easy to answer that because your Nintendo switch is not going to have raytracing and 60 fps. Honestly, That is all I have to say so goodbye and thank you tony for letting me guest blog.      Amazon.com: NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition : Electronics if you want to buy the graphics card you can buy it here  or some other one

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Middle school Thoughts

Hey everyone welcome back To Da Normal Blog, today I’m going to talk about my middle school thoughts.  Pretty much I’m gonna give you the pros and cons.


Pros: More food choices

I get to choose my own pathway

I’m  not goth

I’m not gay…

I have many friends


Cons: The food is bad

there are too many goth kids

There are random 7th graders throwing forks at me and my friends at lunch

7th grade


changing in the locker room

chrome books


pencils disappearing magically

walking into a silent class

vibing in a silent class

Kids looking at you while there daydreaming

Kids flexing their new iPhone 12+ pro max when your parents won’t give you a phone in the first place


That’s pretty much some of my thoughts on middle school. If you want me to make more blog posts like this make sure to comment below on what I should write about.



My favorite fictinal character

Hey everyone welcome back to Da normal Blog. On this blog I have to tell you about my favorite fictional character wich is Pico. Pico is from a variety of games. The first time he showed up in was Pico’s School 1999 by Newgrounds.  Ill leave the link for that down below. He also shows up is these:



Please note that I have never played any of these games besides Pico’s school And Friday Night Funkin so be advised that there may be swearing and other stuff. Also Pico’s school has some swearing and stuff.

Anyways I like Pico cause, I think he’s kinda funny how he acts in the games, and he has a good voice in Friday night funkin, wich is kinda like a rap battling game but theres no words. You will have to try it out to know what Im talking about.

Picos descritpion from Newgrounds

“Pico is a young man with light skin, ginger hair, beige pants, a green shirt with darker green sleves and red shoes with orange marks. He has white sclera with no pupils as a stylistic choice used throughout his series. He is an exceptional gunman and is usually seen dual wielding his weaponry. He also has tremendous skill in unarmed combat, seen in media such as Newgrounds Rumble and Pico’s Unloaded. His weapons of choice are automatic weapons such as the MAC-10, UZI or the M16 Assault Rifle. Pico is also hot-headed, often acting out in aggression.”

So Ya thats pretty much it!

Thanks for reading

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Top 5 things to mess up on when Building a Computer

Hey everyone welcome back to Da Normal Blog! In this blog, I’m going to talk about the top 5 things that a lot of people mess up on when building a computer.


  1. Wrong type of cpu socket

A lot of people order there full computer setup with all the things they need but they dont realize that there are diffrent sockets on cpus. Intel uses lga while AMD use “am”. For example the newest socket for Amd is Am4. For intel is lga 1200. When your are buying a motherboard make sure to match the right cpu with the right socket.

2.  Wrong type of ram

Another thing tha people do wrong is ordering the wrong kind of ram. There is ddr, ddr2, ddr3,ddr4, and soon coming ddr5. These are basically the socket type but a little bit more then that. So when you are buying a motherboard make sure it matches the motherboard ram type.

3. Instaling thermal paste on to a cpu

I have seen lots of people put thermal paste on to cpu’s wrong a lot. I have seen people do it under the cpu, on the socket and putting a huge amount of it on. What you are supposed to do is put a small dot of it on the middle of the cpu. Then put the cpu cooler on.

4. Wrong motherboard form factor

There have been people out there that dont realize that theres diffrent form factors of cases and motherboards, and have gotten incompatible cases or motherboards. There are many diffrent form factors of motherboards and case, such as. (Biggest) Hptx, ssi eeb, xl-atx, atx, e- atx, micro atx, mini itx, Nana itx, pico- itx. (smallest)  You must make sure that the type of motherboard will fit in the case.


5. Not having an os


I have made this mistake before when building a computer. I never got windows 10, and so I thought something was wrong with my 4tb hdd so I opend it up and screwed it. Make sure never to open up a hdd, and make sure to buy an os or the computer is usless to you.


Thanks for reading!